Tales Of Adventure; Chosen – A Best Seller By K.I Price

Tales Of Adventure; Chosen – A Best Seller By K.I Price

While fictional books have long been popular, you can see that their popularity has only increased with time. These books include various genres to cater the readers with different tastes and preferences. You could be interested in  Sci-fi, romance, mystery, thriller, horror, or all–a great Tales of Adventure Book is always guaranteed.

The Increasing Fan-base

Immersive Nature

One of the reasons why readers love fictional books is their immersive nature. A grand adventure book has the capability to transport you from the depths of your imagination to an alternate reality with different times, languages, and places.

Opening New Levels of Imagination

The best thing about the world of fiction is that it is based on imagination, and the best thing about imagination is that there are no limits to it. Imagination can transport you from 2077 to the Victorian era, to the stone age – you name it.

Emotional Connection

By reading fictional books, you also have the opportunity to explore and empathize with different characters and their experiences. Multiple studies have proved this, in which researchers found that reading specific passages of a popular fictional book activates the brain’s pain and empathy centers. It is this emotional connection that keeps your curiosity in check and leaves you craving for more.


The rise of book clubs and online book communities (such as sub-reddits, etc.) also contribute to the increasing popularity of fictional books. By joining these groups, you gain space to discuss and analyze what you have read. Finding loopholes in the plot, discovering untold links between books, and critiquing the characters are all enjoyable activities that enhance your reading experience.

The Different Genres

Based on the content and style of fictional books, we can categorize them into multiple genres. Some of the most popular genres of fictional books include:

Science Fiction

Sci-fi books are typically set in the future, in an alternate world, or even in space. They provoke the reader to ponder the different scientific realities, studies, and technological advancements.


Imaginary worlds, mystical creatures, and magic are examples of the fantasy genre, which transports readers into imaginative realities where everything is possible. From dragons to wizards to epic battles, fantasy books have ignited the imagination of readers from diverse backgrounds and ages.


Emotional drama, trauma, and turmoil are the usual focal points of romantic books, making them a popular fiction genre with stories set in various settings. Love, intimacy, and the characters’ emotional journey are the main themes explored in this genre.


A crime, conspiracy, or enigma is presented, and you—the reader—are challenged to solve the puzzle or unravel clues to discover the truth behind a crime. The suspenseful plot can be set in various locations or periods, featuring detectives and shady characters.


These are fast-paced, suspenseful stories with danger, mystery, and high stakes. The main character frequently finds themselves in action-packed, life-threatening situations and must rely on their outstanding wits and courage to survive. Whether you are a fan of horror thrillers, psychological thrillers, or legal thrillers, it is always a real story that will give you the chills.


Filled with fear, terror, and dread, horror books send you shivers. Often featuring supernatural creatures, their suspenseful plot will keep you blood-curdling. If you enjoy a good scare, these books are perfect for you.

Starting in the 11th century with the first fictional book, “The Tale of Genji,” the category has seen many classics such as “The Great Gatsby,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Moby Dick,” “The Hobbit,” “Frankenstein,” and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” The world of fiction has now reached the grand adventure book Chosen: The Path of Heroes, written by the talented author K.I Price.

Chosen: The Path of Heroes – A Grand Adventure Book

The fictional world of Kambia brings many exciting stories and dynamic characters our way, which takes our imagination to the next level and inspires us to dream big. The 13-year-old Zuri learns the dark secrets about the origins of his life shortly after his birthday, and unfortunately, he isis thrust into a world beyond his wildest dreams.

You probably look for relatable characters as a reader when you read a new book, and this protagonist is no different. Zuri is a shy and introverted teen who struggles to fit in and often feels like an outsider in this cruel world. This changes when he discovers the astonishing secret that changes his life.

This incredible tale of adventure immerses readers in the dimension of imagination where all sorts of characters and challenges are encountered, from wizards to witches to the evil Overlord who threatens their existence.

This book sets the bar high by creating a unique perspective. Chosen is a breathless page-turner, full of heart-pounding action and thrilling twists read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will experience something new with exciting experiences that will boost your adrenaline levels, making you glued to the book.  

Zuri is an introverted child who is frequently bullied and harassed at school. He learns to navigate a new world, control his newfound abilities and overcome the toughest challenges. The book explores the possibility of a young person being told uncomfortable truths about their past – how it would affect them and they would handle it.

K.I Price’s fictional masterpiece sheds light on a powerful message that resonates with readers of all ages and backgrounds. This story about imagination, self-discovery, and the power of friendship, encourages readers to stand tall in the life’s battles. Additionaly, it explores the power of imagination and creates a whole creative reality.

Chosen: The Path of Heroes” a grand adventure book, is such a captivating read due to the depth and complexity of its characters. Zuri’s struggle to handle the responsibility handed to him at such a young age and come to terms with his newfound powers is narrated powerfully.

The way the writer has formed the parallel worlds is fascinating. The book takes place in a splendidly imagined universe with vivid and detailed descriptions that bring the reader’s imagination to life.

With its engaging characters, thrilling plot, and powerful message, “Chosen: The Path of Heroes” is the book for you, especially if you are looking for tales of adventure to find the limitlessness of your imagination. Grab a copy today and join Zuri on his epic journey to save the world from the evil Overlord.

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