Tauzuri Jones

At 13 years old, he is the youngest of the group when the series begins. Though Zuri is young, he’s very bright and perceptive, having skipped the eighth grade and gone on to the ninth. Raised on Earth, he discovers early on that he has a remarkable power and is a wizard from a parallel world. He also soon realizes that he is directly linked to the Overlord in a very unique, unconventional, and mysterious way.


The son of King Seti-siamun, Ra is headstrong, dependable, and noble. He cares deeply for his family and thinks of them often during his adventures with the Chosen. He has a younger brother that he’s very close to. Since he was a little boy, Ra has been groomed in preparation to one day take the throne from his father, a position he doesn’t really want. Being away on his journeys gives him time to think over his options and decisions regarding the rulership.

Phenyo Abara

Phenyo is the intelligent and beautiful daughter of Ambassador Thandiwe Abara. Like Ra-siamun, she’s had a life of privilege, but it’s been lonely. She doesn’t have very many friends, most of which are servants around the manor. Her mother, Imani, died from illness when she was four, and her father has raised her with the assistance of house matrons since then. When Phenyo is suddenly sent from her home to play her part in the prophecy, she’s angry. It doesn’t take long for her to accept her role and befriend the other Chosen, to whom she becomes very close.

Evrik Moranzi

Undoubtedly the toughest and most street-smart of the group is Evrik. Up until he joins the Chosen, he leads an average but enjoyable life. As the oldest (he’s almost 18 at the start of the series), he inevitably serves as the leader, and the others look to him to keep them stable when things get rowdy. Evrik is handsome, roguish, and likes to keep things light with his usage of humor.

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