Name A Character Contest

Welcome to the Name a Character Contest, where you can win the chance to name a minor character in book two of the Chosen series, set for release in 2023. Now, before you can pry your imagination for a name, you’ll need some background about the “nameless” character. Actually, I chose a name for him, but I’m just not feeling it, which is why I’ve turned to the majority.

So, let’s begin in the grand city of Ketsumnatet located in the south of Midoria Desert, rising like a mysterious, enchanting sandstone jewel beside the Crystalwater Sea. “The Character” is a man in his mid-twenties and a soldier in Ketsumnatet’s army. He has been in loyal service to the sultan for a few years and is dedicated to keeping his home safe. My fantasy world derives several environments and customs from the real world. With that said, the region where The Character lives is based on the ancient Middle East with Egyptian influences. Therefore, he requires a name fitting of those areas and cultures.

The Rules:
1. You can submit a real world name or make one up.

​2. Please submit only ONE name. I’m counting on you guys to be fair about it. Any spammed entries will be disqualified. I understand that sometimes you can accidentally double-click the “Submit” button; I do it every once in a while. If I see any doubles, I’ll assume that’s what happened, and you won’t be penalized. Also, there will be a message displayed once you hit “Submit” to let you know your entry was received.

​3. On my part, absolutely none of your info will be shared with anyone. I alone have access to the database collecting your entries, and I assure you that your information (Name, Email, and Location) are safe. I only ask for your location in case there are people with the same name. If “John Smith” wins, he will be announced on the site, in my blog, and social media outlets. However, there could be five other “John Smiths”, so I’d like to give kudos to the one that wins. For example, John Smith of Nantucket.

​4. The contest will be open until DECEMBER 31, 2022. I will contact the winner sometime in January to let them know they’ve won. They will receive a paperback copy of book two (I do have a title but won’t share that just yet) when it’s published.

And those are the rules, my friends. I must say, I’m very excited to see how the contest goes. I’m an introvert who is highly unused to letting people into my space, both physical and literary. It’s going to be weird seeing a name I didn’t create inside one of my books. But, I think it’ll help me open up to other possibilities and trying new things.

So, good luck to you all and thanks for following me in this chapter of my life, sharing in the creation of the Chosen series, which I can tell you has several books in store. Take care and be safe!


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